MotoCatman Restorations


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MotoCatman offers for all types of competition and road motorcycles:-

- Race & Parade Preparation & Restoration
- Engine Building, Repairs & Tuning
- Repairs to Motorcycle Engine & Chassis
- Motorcycle Servicing, Wheel re-spokes & Rewiring

I have experience in particular with the following, although no make or type of motorcycle will cause a problem:-

- 70's and 80's Kawasaki two & four stroke road machines, singles, twins, triples, fours & sixes
- Suzuki TR500 air cooled twins and TR750 water cooled triples
- RG500 GP factory & privateer square & V fours, RGB500 Mk1 through Mk 12, XR14, XR22, XR23, XR34, XR35, XR40, XR45, XR70, XR86, XR88 etc
- Race and road oil cooled GSX-R 750 & 1100's from launch onwards, plus GS1000S (XR69), 1987 GSXR750 (XR55) F1 bikes
- I helped to build and maintain the 1985 GSX-R 750 used by Mick Grant to win the inaugural MCN Superstock Series. It is still being used today for parades. Recently, with its present owner it achieved 167mph who needed to gear it up as the engine was hitting the revlimiter. Not bad for a near standard 1985 slabside GSX-R 750!!
- TZ250/350 parallel twins, including reverse cylinder models
- Bultaco, Montessa, Ossa, Yamaha, Fantic, GasGas & Scorpa trials machines

- Fisher Fury kit cars for road or competition


You can contact me by e-mail using the link below.
E-mail:- CATMAN