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In 2008/2009 I completed restoring a Suzuki Mk7 RGB500 square 4 production race bike, a rare Yamaha SC500 1973 air cooled 500cc 2-stroke enduro/motocross machine, an Offenstadt Kawasaki Z900 engined endurance racer to be used in the 2009 Spa Classic endurance race and a Suzuki TR500 air cooled twin, the engine based on the T500 road bike.

An RG500 Mk7 - before I start, December 2008 The RGB500 Mk7 completed.
It was run at Spa for the Bikers Classic, June 2009
 and at various meetings around the world since
The Offenstadt - before I start - January 2009 The Offenstadt Endurance racer, completed,
sitting in the garage at Spa waiting for the start of the
Bikers Classic 4 Hour Endurance, 20th/21st June 2009
A new project, Harris Barton GT750 - July 2009 Harris Barton - almost complete
Another project before the start - an air cooled TR500 Almost complete, after a full clean and check over
BMW S1000RR - For the 2010 North West & Isle of Man BMW S1000RR - Ready to go
Other machines I have worked on recently
Works Suzuki XR14, the bike Barry Sheene
rode to his first 500GP win at Assen in 1975
Factory Cagiva V589 V4 as raced by
Randy Mamola in 1989
Aoki V4 500 Suzuki, Japan championship bike Suzuki RG500 Mk4 - Full restoration
formally Phil Hendersons bike
Heron Carbon 500, ex Lewis, Schwantz, McKenzie 500 H1 about to receive the servicing treatment,
 wheel respokes, new brakes, cables and ignition



You can contact me by e-mail using the link below.
E-mail:- CATMAN